Answers to the Site C Quiz

Site C - Artist's Rendition

The BC Government will soon decide whether to borrow an estimated $7.9 billion for the largest public infrastructure project over the next 20 years – the Site C Dam Project (Site C).

Test your knowledge of Site C! 

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1. Last May, a joint federal/provincial review panel (JRP) concluded what about Site C?

(a) The need for Site C has not been established

(b) Information is lacking to determine whether the $7.9 billion cost is accurate

(c) The impact of Site C on BC Hydro rates needs more scrutiny

(d) The BC Utilities Commission needs to review Site C

(e) All of the above 

Site C - BCUC Backgrounder

Read the Site C – BCUC Backgrounder

2. BC Hydro provided over 18,000 pages of information to the JRP.  How many pages addressed the $ 7.9 billion cost of Site C?

(a) 7 pages

(b) 64 pages

(c) 229 pages

(d) 513 pages

Site C - Project Costs Technical Memo

Read the Site C – Project Costs Technical Memo

3. The JRP Report refers to a KPMG consultant’s review of Site C’s $7.9 billion cost. How many pages was the 2011 KPMG report?

(a) 5 pages

(b) 68 pages

(c) 116 pages

(d) 238 pages

KPMG Commentary Letter

Read the KPMG Commentary Letter

4. In its first 4 years of operation, BC Hydro forecasts Site C will

(a) make $ 12 million

(b) make $ 1.5 million

(c) lose $ 4 million 

(d) lose $ 800 million

Site C - BCUC Backgrounder

Read the Site C – BCUC Backgrounder

5. The BC government prohibited the JRP from reviewing what energy options? Include the options that the JRP said were insufficiently explored by BC Hydro.

(a) Geothermal

(b) Wind, run-of-river hydro and other renewable alternatives

(c) Accepting power under the Columbia River Treaty

(d) Burning natural gas to provide power instead of shipping the gas to Asia*

(e) All of the above

* The JRP report noted:  “Finally, if it is acceptable to burn natural gas to provide power to compress, cool, and transport B.C. natural gas for Asian markets, where its fate is combustion anyway, why not save transport and environmental costs and take care of domestic needs?”

Site C - BCUC Backgrounder

Read the Site C – BCUC Backgrounder

6. The JRP recommended Site C alternatives be examined by:

(a) Bill Bennett, BC’s Minister of Energy and Mines

(b) Clean Energy BC, a trade association of clean energy companies

(c) BC Utilities Commission, an expert and independent oversight body with a mandate to protect ratepayers, which reviewed Site C 31 years ago

(d) SNC Lavalin, a global energy infrastructure company

(e) Santa Claus

Site C - BCUC Backgrounder

 Read the Site C – BCUC Backgrounder

7. Calgary, Alberta is building the Shepard natural gas-powered energy plant to produce a comparable amount of electricity to Site C. How much will the plant cost to build compared to Site C?

(a) Same price, about $ 8 billion

(b) $ 1.1 billion more

(c) $ 2 billion less

(d) $ 6.5 billion less

Shepard Energy Backgrounder

Read the Shepard Energy Backgrounder

8. At current prices, how much could BC Hydro save each year by using natural gas instead of Site C to produce power?

(a) No savings

(b) Save $ 5 million/year

(c) Save $ 10 million/year

(d) Save $ 350 million/year

Dan Potts Analysis and Audio

See Dan Potts’ Analysis and Video

9. If Site C is not built, and the agricultural land in the Peace River Valley is not flooded, the fresh vegetables which could be grown there would fulfil the nutritional requirements of how many people?

(a) 2,000 people

(b) 25,000 people

(c) 250,000 people

(d) 1 million people

Listen to Statement by Wendy Holm, P.Ag. on the Impact of Site C upon the Peace Valley

10. Which First Nations and supporting organizations will do whatever it takes to stop Site C?

(a) Treaty 8 Tribal Association

(b) West Moberly First Nations

(c) The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs

(d) The Assembly of First Nations

(e) The First Nations Summit

(f) All of the above

Chief Roland Willson and Grand Chief Stewart Phillip Audio

Listen to Statements by Chief Roland Willson and Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

If the BC government saved billions by not building Site C, what would you invest the savings in?

Read more over at National Geographic about Flooding the Landscape: The Site C Dam on B.C.’s Peace River